My Pledge

Let me be honest. I don’t know all of the problems that face the 5th District.  Nobody does.  I don’t know what problems may befall the 5th District or the County of Santa Cruz in the future.  Nobody does.  Who could have predicted the CZU Fire coupled with the COVID shutdowns?  Nobody could have. Because I don’t know everything nor do I know what may happen in the future, as your Supervisor, when any proposal comes before me for a new government program it must pass three tests:

1st    Is it needed?

2nd   Can it be done more efficiently and for less in the private sector?

3rd    Will it be funded from existing revenues – not new taxes?



My mission will be to limit the growth of our county government that now serves the people in the 5th District so poorly.The answer to bad government is not adding another layer of government on top of what’s already not working. I’m asking you to elect me to represent you as your next County Supervisor for the 5th District.  My commitment to you is that, come what may, I pledge to continue to fight to help rebuild the homes that were lost in the CZU Fire.  I promise to work to restore competence and trust back into our county government.  I will work to reform the “mission” of our county bureaucracy to be one of cooperation, honesty, competence and service on the behalf of all of the residents of the 5th District.

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